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Vinicius Jr. was offended by Mallorca manager Javier Aguirre, who encouraged his players to “hit him, beat him” in Real Madrid’s latest victory.

The Brazilian admitted to Nacho that he heard that from the Mexican coach. However, there is more. The coach also encouraged his team to “break” Vinicius.

Halfway through the game, Vinicius turned from the action on the field because of the comment and rushed to the opponent’s bench. Understandably, he didn’t take the coach’s words for granted.

Vinicius fled the ball immediately, indicating a major incident. Toni Kroos‘presence and quick reflexes kept things from getting worse.

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Vinicius was awakened by Carlo Ancelotti, who also played an important role in preventing the striker from overreacting.

“What happens on the pitch, that’s where it stays,” Javier Aguirre said when asked what happened.

Vinicius and the Mallorca players, especially Pablo Maffeo, have not forgotten what happened at Parma last season.

Vinicius target

From the start, Mallorca made it clear that one of their goals was to make Vinicius uncomfortable in any way possible. They succeeded.

Real Madrid know Mallorca has gone further than most but fears targeting the Brazilian in this way will become commonplace.

Avoid conflict

According to Carlo Ancelotti and several teammates, the winger should remain calm and composed. They know he sees football differently than many others, but they also recognize he’s not looking for conflict or anything like that.

vinicius-getting-concerned-for-his-treatment (1)

His coach banned him from fighting and protesting, but the treatment he faced was tough.

Kroos, Luka Modric, and other veterans are keeping a close eye on the Brazilian.

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