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Bellingham’s Showtime: The Brazilian forward, Rodrigo, stole the spotlight, scoring two goals and delivering a crucial assist. Bellingham, the midfield sensation, pulled the strings with finesse, creating opportunities that left Cadiz in the dust. His 14th-minute pass to Rodrigo set the stage, with the duo combining again for another goal in the 64th minute. Bellingham’s own goal in the 74th minute sealed the deal, securing Real Madrid’s triumph.


In the heart-pounding La Liga action, Real Madrid recently dazzled fans with a spectacular 3-0 win over Cadiz. The victory not only propelled them to the top of the standings but also revealed the magic touch of the team’s newest star, Bellingham.

Bellingham’s Comeback:

After a stint on the sidelines due to a shoulder injury, Bellingham made a triumphant return. His resilience and skill were on full display, reassuring Real Madrid fans that their new star is ready for the challenges ahead.

Coach Ancelotti’s Take:

Coach Ancelotti, in his post-match remarks, acknowledged the team’s injury challenges but turned them into a positive. “Difficulties can sometimes be an opportunity and another motivation,” he said, expressing confidence in the team’s ability to tackle upcoming hurdles.

Tactical Brilliance:


Real Madrid’s tactical prowess was evident with a 4-3-1-2 formation, showcasing adaptability. The veteran duo of Modric and Kroos orchestrated the midfield, rarely seen together this season. Against Cadiz, they navigated the field with ease, leaving fans eager to see more.

Looking Ahead:

As Real Madrid enjoys their moment at the top, the road ahead promises tougher tests against strong opponents. With key players missing due to injuries, the team’s resilience against Cadiz provides hope for future challenges.


Real Madrid’s victory is not just about points on the board; it’s a story of skill, teamwork, and the emergence of a new star. Bellingham’s magic, Rodrigo’s brilliance, and the team’s adaptability under Ancelotti’s guidance make for an exciting season ahead. Buckle up, fans; there’s more thrilling action to come from the powerhouse that is Real Madrid.

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