Antonio Rudiger has described Carlo Ancelotti as “untouchable” and praised the Real Madrid boss for making his transition from Chelsea to Real Madrid as seamless as possible. Rudiger joined Real Madrid as a free agent this summer.

Rudiger initially wanted to extend his five-year term in west London. Still, Chelsea were forced to offer him new terms under the license terms following the UK government’s decision to sanction Roman Abramovich.


With Chelsea’s hamstring, Real Madrid sensed their opportunity and were able to take the former Roma center-back from the Premier League giants.

The 29-year-old has played in nine of Madrid’s games this season, although his appearance in the UEFA Super Cup is only a five-minute cameo.

The first few months of Antonio Rudiger’s Real Madrid career couldn’t have been better as his side remained the only side unbeaten in Europe’s top five leagues.

Tony Kroos surprised him the most

When asked which Real Madrid player surprised him the most, the former Chelsea player chose his compatriot Toni Kroos. He explained that while the two played together on the international tour, they had a good relationship at Real Madrid.

“At Real Madrid, I met another Tony Kroos. He speaks great Spanish, is completely open and very helpful. He has supported my language from day one and has offered up many times Help me with other things. He’s a very relaxed guy.”

tony kroos is the most surprising

Ancelotti is untouchable when dealing with players

Antonio Rudiger says Ancelotti’s personal style is something he has never experienced in his career.

“What he has achieved since moving here is amazing. Overall, this status and this respect shown to him at the club and in Spain speaks for itself and certainly motivates me,” The German player said.

“I spent a few hours with my family in our new house in Madrid. We were having a barbecue when the bell rang. I opened the door and Ancelotti was there! Wow! He sat with us and ate with us Lunch, met my family, he was a very friendly and open guy. He stayed with us for two hours and we talked about everything.”

“Honestly, I’ve never experienced anything like this, no coach has done it for me. After a few months with him, I have to say, Ancelotti’s personal style is untouchable when dealing with players. Farewell, coaching legend Don Carlo – he won the Champions League when I was a kid.”

“It’s fantastic to work with him every day at the most successful club in the world now.”

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